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Vostok-Europe Energia Watch One of a Kind Prototype

Posted by Craig Hester on

Excited to get my first ever prototype for my collection from Vostok-Europe. It's the bronze Energia watch with the brown dial. It's not that easy to see, but in this picture there is the number 000/999 on the caseback.

You can see our full collection of Energia watches from Vostok-Europe here. Though the prototype is NOT for sale. (Sorry!)

Vostok Europe Energia Bronze Tritium Dive Watch

For those of you who do not know how watches are built, a company always start with a set of handmade prototypes. These are then inspected for any changes that may beed to be made before the full run is produced. This is the first prototype from Vostok-Europe I have ever gotten for my personal collection and I have to say it's WAY cool to have.

I have been wearing this Energia watch for about two weeks now and I love it. This may be my favorite Vostok-Europe so far (with the Lunokhod 2 being a close second. It is so comfortable. The tritium tubes sparkle in this one due to the v shaped reflectors. The extra thick leather strap is soft and had no break in period. Here are some more pics... I will post more about the experience as I wear the watch.

Vostok Europe Energia Bronze Tritium Dive Watch dial facing up

 Vostok Europe Energia Bronze Tritium Dive Watch with side of watch case showing

wrist shot of Vostok Europe Energia Bronze Tritium Dive Watch

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  • :Ugh..don’t you just hate it when the owner gets the ONLY….then for us watch collectors, teases us with photos AND comments. Enjoy Craig.!

    Gregory Pavlosky on

  • vostok europe almaz space station bronza xase black face dial

    granville Labe on

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