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Sturmanskie Gagarin Sport Model Watch with Spinning Globe and Dual Time Feature

Posted by Craig Hester on

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The Sturmanskie watch brand, out of Moscow, Russia, will forever hold the claim to fame of being the first watch in space on the wrist of Yuri Gagarin. It's a distinction no other watch can ever capture.
Over the years, Sturmanskie has released numerous commemorative editions of the simple watch Gagarin in April, 1961. But the latest releases have taken things to a new level. The line most closely resembling Gagarins timepiece continues, with dials that hearken directly back to his watch, but this time, instead of stainless steel, the company has produced the first titanium Gagarin editions. These are also a good bit larger than the original, which was 36mm, not at 40mm. Not a large watch by today's standards, but a departure in size from the original nonetheless.
There are four dial options and all of the come with a certificate of authenticity. Sturmanskie is the only watch line in the world with the permission to legally use Gagarin's image with their products.
The other new Gagarin commemorative, which they are calling the Gagarin sport, is a significantly different watch than the original. This boasts a 45mm case and a dual time function, which comes via an internal rotating bezel. But the stand out feature on this model is the way the day and night indicator in the center of the dial is a full globe that fully rotates as the day progresses. This is a subtle homage to the fact that, not only was Gagarin the first human in space, but the first to orbit the earth. This model comes in two styles, with black and blue dials.

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