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Watch of the Day -- Vostok-Europe Radio Room 2426/225D267

Posted by Craig Hester on

Today's watch is the Vostok-Europe Radio Room with PVD bronze plating. This dual-time watch with a 32 jewel mechanical movement is one of the most recent in the Radio Room series.

The watch is inspired by the Radio Room act of 1912, which was a direct result of the Titanic disaster. Radio operators were unable to get through all the chatter of the radio to get their SOS out. This contributed to the loss of life. As a result, 3 minute radio silence periods were enacted where only emergency flash radio traffic is allowed. The wedges at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions allow for audio communication. At the bottom and top of the hour, only Morris Code is acceptable.

This watch is driven by a 32 jewel mechanical movement built by the Vostok Company of Chistopal, Russia. The same company still builds radio room clocks for Russian naval vessels through to today. This stunning color combination is a must own for any Vostok-Europe watch collector.

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