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Vostok-Europe Lunokhod 2 Divers Watch with Tritium Tubes

The Lunokhod 2 from Vostok-Europe watches of Lithuania brings together all the best elements of timekeeping that VE has to offer. The features of this watch are almost too many to list. The key element is how Vostok-Europe handles the tritium illumination on these watches.

If you aren't familiar with tritium illumination, it is what is called "radio-luminescence". This means a charged material, called Tritium is laser sealed in a glass tube and it constantly activates the luminous material that is trapped in the tube with it. This means the material never has to be charged via a light source like the more common superluminova used in watch dials.

Most tritium tube watches lay the tubes flat on the dial, thus hiding about 40% of the luminous field. What Vostok-Europe did with the Lunokhod to was to literally turn that practice on it's head and make the tubes vertical. They stand in a reflective "candle holder" and ensure that the maximum possible illumination from each tube is emitted. For a divers watch like the Lunokhod 2, that is a critical feature.

Other features include an automatic helium release valve, 200 or 300 meter water resistance on all models -- making this a professional grade divers watch. Uni-directional rotating bezel, two straps -- one leather watch strap and one silicon watch strap. Watch strap changing tool and the whole kit comes in a water resistant true pelican divers case.