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Sturmanskie & Gagarin Watches - By Price: Highest to Lowest

The Sturmanskie watch collection holds a distinction no other watch brand on Earth can claim. They were the first watch in space on the wrist of Yuri Gagarin. It is the same, unbroken brand since that fateful day in 1961 when the world witness the first ever human to enter space and the first time a human orbited the Earth. The watch on his wrist was a simple, three-hand Sturmanskie model only 36 millimeters wide.
There wasn't any public relations plan for the watch Gagarin would wear. It was simply his personal watch. A timepiece awarded to him when he graduated flight school. The basic mechanical watch worked flawlessly in zero gravity and withstood the g-forces of lift off. Today's Sturmanskie keeps that aviation and space exploration spirit alive with commemorative pieces of the original Gagarin watch and striking, more modern designs like the sport collection.
Sturmanskie is also synonymous with nautical history as well, serving as the main watchmaker for the Russian Navy as well. The Stingray collection, among others, holds true to that history on the water as well.