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Ship Clock 5-ChM M3 Radio Room Metal Plating
Ship Clock 5-ChM M3 Radio Room Metal Plating

Ship Clock 5-ChM M3 Radio Room Metal Plating

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This is a special, one-time buy of the Vostok Ship's clocks built by the Vostok Watch and Clock company of Chistopol, Russia. We don't know when we will be getting these again.

Orders MUST be placed by January 31, 2017. Delivery will be sometime in mid February.

These are the real thing! Heavy duty (they weigh 6 pounds!) manual key-wound clocks with and 8 day power reserve. Vostok has been building these clocks for naval vessels for decades. These are NOT used or refurbished. These are brand new clocks made to sea going specifications. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history!

This particular model is the Radio Room clock with the radio silence periods. This grew out of the Titantic disaster due to the radio room operators not being able to get their mayday out over the chatter on the radio. The Radio Room Act of 1912 created these 3 minute radio silence periods where the only transmission allowed were emergency flash traffic. Those silence periods are indicated by the wedges or pie pieces on the dial. This at greatly reduced the loss of life in future naval disasters.

Type Ship Watch

12 jewels is equipped with an anchor escapement.
Mono-metallic balance.

Other Features

Splash-proof aluminum case with anti-corrosion coating.
At temperature 20±5°C, at humidity to 80% 6 days operation accuracy rate is ±90 sec.
Power reserve – 8 days.
Daily temperature change accuracy at the temperature range –25°C to +50°C is not over 1 sec. per 1°C.
Diameter – 210 mm.
Height – 74 mm.
Weight not over than 2,8 kg.
1 year guarantee measured from the date of purchase.